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Learn the 9 Life-Changing Insights!
These insights have helped my entire family not to merely survive, but to thrive, in spite of our very trying circumstances. The Nine Insights have prepared us for recognizing and acting upon the many blessings which enter our lives on a Daily Basis.

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Robert Omilian, grew up in a close knit working class neighborhood in Northwest Detroit, Michigan. His father, Stan, was an entrepreneur, building several small businesses, leaving his son Robert with a passion for innovation and development. His mother, Marcy, instilled in Robert a love for writing through her weekly articles in local newspapers.

In his earlier years, just after graduating from the University of Michigan, Robert founded a start- up Magazine called Detroit Performer, featuring the innovative ideas coming from local musicians, writers, and business leaders.

Today, Robert leads an Automotive Consulting Practice, providing clients with cutting edge Information Technology concepts and designs. He is a frequent guest speaker at national business seminars.

Robert published his first book, No Fear No Doubt No Regret – Investing in Life’s Challenges like a Warrior, in 2013 and will soon release his second book. He has an MBA, and a dual major BA in Philosophy and Economics, from the University of Michigan.


How each Life-Changing Insight can provide POWERFUL assistance when dealing with the responsibility of raising children, particularly children with Special Needs.

How to shake of sadness, and focus on the possibilities of life! Learn to Get Moving… and NEVER STOP… The journey will always continue whether you’re ready or not.

How my son Alan advocated for his own rights and needs, NEVER allowing anyone to override his own reasoning abilities, and how you can apply his strength to your own life!

Learn how Alan‘s resiliency, comes from a simple premise that IT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO US, BUT HOW WE RESPOND, which defines who we are and influences what happens next.


Holding an Angel in My Arms

My arms ached, unaccustomed to holding such a weight for any length of time.  The veins throbbed, creating a warm tingling sensation up and down my forearms.  The nurses worked quickly to clean the bedding below.
“Just a few moments and we will be done,” the young nurse with big brown eyes and a freckled nose said in a high-pitched and excited voice.
“Are you doing all right?”
Pain suddenly shot through my arms and hands as my focus shifted to my great discomfort.
“No Problem.”
What else could I say?  After all, this was not about me.  In comparison to what my son was going through, I had no issues.  I held my firstborn son, who was twenty years old.  He looked at me and smiled, oh so briefly, as he struggled to breathe.
To ease my pain, I drifted into reverie.  Nearly twenty years earlier, I had held Alan in a similar way.  I was beaming with pride back then as I took a first look at my new baby boy.  He appeared to smile at me then, although it was probably only gas.  I remembered the dreams and anticipation I had at his birth, proud to have a son whom I could teach the fine art of baseball, reading, and thinking.  I floated as I walked that day, marveling in the new reality that I was now a dad.
Alan’s resiliency captures the essence of this story.  Keeping the glimmer alive in his big blue eyes requires a sacrifice that few parents may willingly accept, but that has provided me with rewards beyond money, fame, or acknowledgement.


“I Couldn’t Put The Book Down…”

The narrative is frank in describing the challenges, but never bitter… The narrative provides many life lessons… I couldn’t put the book down, and I recommend it without reservation to business and non-business audiences


“I Read The Book in 4 Hours…”

I read the book in 4 hours and was so inspired! I urge everyone to read it who doesn’t quite feel that they are appreciating their God given abilities, and their blessings, or who just wants to use a different view of life in their work, or their family interactions.


“A Great Read about Someone’s Very Human Experience…”

The author doesn’t try to be a martyr nor a saint. Instead he shares with you his personal story and his son’s legacy as a life well led. A great read about someone’s very human experience in this varied journey we all take through life.


“The Lessons Learned are Plentiful!”

As the father of a son who was diagnosed with an incurable disease at age 9, I found “No Fear, No Doubt, No Regret” to be a personal and moving story in so many ways. The author invites you into his life and family. The lessons learned are plentiful.

Invest in Life’s Challenges Like a Warrior…
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